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Meet The Team


Marcia Winter,

Counselor, LPCMH

Hi! I'm Marcia Winter.


My philosophy of therapy is to meet the client where they are. I have been a trauma therapist with nearly 20 years experience. I work with PTSD and dissociative disorders. I also treat mood disorders and autism spectrum disorders. A professor once told me "if you do not love your clients, get out of the business". I believe that and I hold true to that statement.

My specialty is trauma, PTSD, and dissociation. I use many modalities such as EMDR, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, healing the child within, and NLP . I love what I do and I am focused on helping my clients feel safe and comfortable.

I have had the amazing experience of seeing my clients grow and flourish. I do adhere to the philosophy "the only way out is through", but at the pace my client feels comfortable with.

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Carol Hopkins,


Hello, I am Carol Hopkins.

I believe many clients have answers within but are blocked from recognizing or implementing them.

Through careful, compassionate listening, I ask questons to help them find solutions that resonate.


I approach my clients with unconditional positive regard and without judgement. Together, we will set strengths-based goals that will help you more fully realize your potential.


 In addition to being trained in

traditional counseling, I am trained in Pastoral Counseling, and I can integrate spirituality into the counseling process. I define spirituality broadly, seeing it as the way a person finds meaning.


I have experience with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, and



Deep experience with 12 Step principles enables me to help clients align their work in therapy

with their recovery work.


Person-centered and Existential orientations guide my counseling, and I also use elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness.

“When I have been listened to and when I have been heard, I am able to re-perceive my world in a new

way and go on. It is astonishing how elements which seem insoluble become soluble when someone


- Carl Rogers


Brent Alexander Wedman, MA

Hello there! My name is Brent Wedman.



Therapy is a service that should be available to any individual who wants it. I make it my mission show up for my clients and be the safe space that they deserve. I take my clients on a journey of self-reflection and together we forge a path to help them move forward in a positive direction.


I specialize in working with members of the LGBTQ+ community, and anyone dealing with religious trauma, but am open and happy to work with all clients, including those who are part of the heteronormative community. I have experience helping people who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, ADHD, and addiction. The path to mental wellness may look slightly different for everyone, and I have practice utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness therapy, person-centered therapy, and positive psychology to help my clients.


Every person deserves a space to feel safe and comfortable, and I always aim to be that space for my clients. You are so much more than the negative experiences that you have had to endure or are currently enduring. Feelings of positivity and wholeness within yourself are achievable. Do not be afraid to make that first step towards healing. You can do this, and I wholeheartedly believe in you.


Lance Rutherford, M.S Clinical Psychology

Greetings on behalf of Lifestream Behavioral Health!


If you are feeling stress or tension in relationships, pressures from demands of life and know that you can be living a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle, I am here to help. I feel anyone who wants to work on improving areas in their life deserves a helping hand, support and encouragement. As a counselor and professional, I work with clients with unconditional positive regard, no judgments and from a perspective that clients know what they want providing a safe, secure judgment free zone.


I always do my best to provide the highest quality services respectfully in a manner customized to meet each client’s presenting problems, needs and goals. I take an eclectic theoretical approach; incorporating cognitive behavioral techniques to provide insights while upholding the Rogerian concept of client centered therapy. I place emphasis on inter and intrapersonal relationships along with psycho educational techniques to help clients become more self aware of why they are experiencing the thoughts, feelings and emotions that led each client to seek counseling. I believe positive, lasting changes start from within and work to provide clients with support, feedback and guidance to help clients heal adapt and grow.


I have experience counseling clients with trauma, addictions, marriage and family relationships, career and youth counseling. I’ve had the privilege of working with diverse populations of clients from around the country with relationship issues, PTSD, depression and anxieties. I’m published in scholarly academic journals for some of my research and have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of counselors, psychologists, doctors and specialists. I provide counseling services with an appreciation for these experiences. I’ve seen many theories and techniques applied in counseling sessions with intentions to help many different clients from different walks of life, presenting symptoms and reasons for seeking counseling services. There is no one size fits all solution; everyone is unique as are their reasons for seeking counseling services and the events going on in their lives.


We have all faced obstacles in our own lives and know what it feels like to overcome them or to get knocked down trying, shake it off, get back up and try again. Some obstacles may have a quick solution while some may take more time to solve. If there is an obstacle that has knocked you down, a goal you’ve been working towards that seems just out of reach or you are facing some unknowns and feeling uncertain what to do; I’m here to help. I listen; provide feedback and guidance for clients with a focus towards solutions to overcome obstacles in their lives. I know fears can be conquered, traumas can be healed, obstacles can be overcome and goals can be reached. The journey may have its ups and downs; however with motivation, self awareness and self discipline I believe we all can achieve a healthy balance in all areas of life.

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